Terms of Use

Terms of use

By joining and using jamaa online social network you must adhere with the following terms of use

1.Joining Affiliate program and payments

Jamaa online offers you the opportunity to earn money by referring new members who join jamaaonline.com. You get paid $ 1 per each member who join jamaa online after clicking your affiliate link you shared on whatsapp groups, facebook groups instagram ,twitter or from your blog you own and upgrade to any pro packege.The minimum threshold to get paid is when you reach $ 50 in your jamaa online account section of My affiliates.

You can receive your money through paypal that is integrated to your jamaa online account. if your country does not accept paypal you can use your money to promote your own products or services as sponsored on jamaa online.You can also contact our support team so as we arange how you can receive your money without paypal account on to countries that do not support receiving money with paypal like Tanzania.

2.Flaming, Bashing, and Trolling:

Hate posts and personal attacks will not be tolerated on jamaa online. Treat others as you would expect them to treat you.


Profanity is not tolerated in jamaa online, some words will be censored, also there is to be no name calling, linking two/more display names or a display name with a real name, doing so will give you a warning, and then a ban if you continue.

4, Spam:

Purposely spamming a message board with senseless, vacuous, or empty messages to gain a higher post count, or just to annoy others is HIGHLY frowned upon! Commercial spamming and advertising are just as unwelcome unless it is done in the special designed area. Promoting your site is only allowed with permission of the site owners. Bumping old threads is allowed in the request forums, but needless bumps in other forums will be classed as spam. Double posting any entry is also considered as spamming.

5. Email & Private Message, links,Spam:

If the members are using the private message facility to spam the others with pointless, unsolicited mail they will be banned. If anyone receives one of these messages, please report it immediately.

6.Piracy, and Warez:

We do not mind discussions about piracy or warez, as long as they are just that...discussions. Linking or giving information about any site that distributes illegal software, or warez, seeking help to circumvent any copyright laws, or encouraging software or media piracy grounds for an immediate ban.

7. Impersonating Other Users / Accessing Another User Account:

You may not impersonate another person that is not you or create an account specifically for the purpose of provoking other users or any person in the society who is not a member of jamaa online. Also, accessing or using someone else's account or attempting to access another poster's account is strictly prohibited. You will be banned.

8.Nudity / Porn:

Please remember jamaaonline.com is used by all ages. There are 12 year old here just as there are 50 year old. Nudity and porn is prohibited for obvious reasons.

9. Do not post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you, except for brief credited excerpts to illustrate a point;

10. You will not post what is commonly called spam, which includes but is not limited to such things as unpaid advertisements , Social networks that look like jamaa online or using the same script, chain letters, pyramid schemes, solicitations, or promoting a particular cause or organization. Exceptions may be granted for worthy (in our sole opinion) causes if you obtain prior permission from us;

11. We reserve the right to ban any user temporarily or permanently, refuse posting from screen names we find offensive, edit or delete any post, for any reason, or no reason, without explanation or warning.

12. You are solely responsible for the content of your private messages or public posts. We cannot verify content and thus accept no responsibility for it, nor do we vouch for the accuracy, completeness, or utility, of any message or post or the qualifications of any user.

13. Do not engage in internet stalking.

This includes, but is not limited to, following a Jamaa online member from site to site, or from post to post within this site; taking posts from jamaa online in order to attack a poster at another site; and attempting to defame or discredit Jamaa online members on other sites for views they may have expressed at Jamaa Online.

14.Questionable Content:

Since we can't have a rule to cover everything, this is the rule to, well, cover everything,so act like you would if you were in a public place. These issues are left to the discretion of the individual moderators, but may include any material that is knowingly false and or defamatory, misleading, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, that otherwise violates any law, or that encourages conduct constituting a criminal offense.

These terms of use can be improved when needed due to changes in technology and developments

Enjoy things that you did not get from other social networks. It was Improved on 04/06/2018

Swahili speakers: Masharti ya muhimu ya kuzingatia unapotumia mtandao wa jamaa online.

Tafadhali jiepushe na mambo yafuatayo:

1. Kumvunjia heshima, kumkejeli, kumtukana mtu au Taifa lolote ndani ya jamaa online.

2. Kuanzisha mada au kuleta picha video ndani ya jamaa online vikiwa na maelezo yenye maudhui mabaya ambayo ni kinyume na maadili ya taifa husika.

3. Kuleta makala au kuendeleza mijadala yenye kuleta ugomvi, uchochezi na yenye muelekeo wa kuvunja amani ya nchi husika au mtu mmoja mmoja

4. Kuleta maongezi binafsi baina ya mwanachama na mwanachama (waliojisajili ndani ya jamaa online waliyoongea kwa kuaminiana kutoka katika meseji za siri "Private Messages" (PM) au barua pepe (Emails) na kuyaanika hadharani kwa nia ya kuchafuana.

5. Kusambaza kwa makusudi au kwa uzembe barua zenye virusi vya kompyuta.

6. Kutoa maelezo au shutuma dhidi ya mtumiaji wa mtandao wa jamaa online au kiongozi yoyote wa nchi, dini, watu wenye hadhi kijamii kama wasanii kwa lengo la kuchafua rekodi safi ya mhusika katika jamii

7. Jamaa online si mahala pa kupoteza muda tu au kushare vitu visivyo na manufaa kwako na jamii kwa ujumla. Tumia mtandao huu kwa manufaa kama kupata taarifa muhimu za kubadili maisha toka kwenye wimbi kubwa la umaskini. Tumia fulsa zote zinazotolewa ndani ya jamaa online ili upate faida na uchangie ukuaji wa pato la taifa lako.

8. Huruhusiwwi kupost link ya blog yako zaidi ya mara mbili ndani ya wiki moja (siku saba) Ikigundulika zitafutwa link zote ulizopost na kosa likirudiwa utafungiwa kifungo cha muda yaani temporary ban. Hata hivyo huruhusiwi kupost kabisa mtandao wa kijamii unaofanana na jamaa online au kutumia script ile ile inayotumiwa na jamaa online.

9. Kila mwanachama yupo huru kutumia jamaa online lakini akiwa anatekeleza yote yaliyo elezwa hapo juu na kufuata kanuni na sheria za nchi husika. Jiepushe na makosa ya kimitandao kulingana na sheria za nchi hisika. Uongozi wa Jamaa online hautasita kutoa ushirikiano kwa vyombo vya Dola pindi ikihitajika kufanya hivyo kutokana na uhalifu utakaofanywa na mtumiaji wa mtandao wa Jamaa online dani ya jamaa online, kama kutoa Anwani alizoweka kwenye mtandao wa Jamaa online. Pamoja tunaweza kutokomeza uharifu wa kimtandao duniani.

Masharti haya yanaweza kuboreshwa ikihitajika kulingana na mabadiliko ya teknolojia na maendeleo duniani.

Mawasiliano support@jamaaonline.com
Karibu jamaa online ufurahie vitu ambavyo hujawahi kuvipata kwenye mitandaoni mingine ya kijamii. Imeboreshwa tarehe 04/06/2018